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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Not so worried about the blog mobs

I've been reading/listening to various reactions to the blog storms over Jordan/Gannon/Rather and I realized something: the blogosphere is not in danger of becoming a lynch mob, simply because it is too self-aware. The blogosphere is insanely introspective - it digests, analyzes, and reacts to any changes in its environment, including itself. I may be anthropomorphizing beyond what is necessary here, but it really is amazing how this mass of blogs acts like a real organism. This network is essentially a self-correction mechanism. This does not mean it won't continue its rampage through MSM-land. But it is aware of it is doing and is somewhat humbled by the realization of its own power. It also realizes that it is not an invincible juggernaut, but will someday be co-opted by the very media it criticises today.