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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Good click fraud article

Mike Grehan writes (via Battelle):
    It has to be said, there are many people in the industry who hold a very cynical view about the amount of time and technology search engines are likely to employ for this type of monitoring.

    Let's face it, click fraud is bad news for the advertiser, but it’s still pouring millions into search engine bank accounts.

    So, is it feasible that they really would want to put such a concerted effort into something, which effectively, helps them make less money?

    In Jake’s case, he presented them with refined data which he’d pulled together himself. Once Google had analysed the data, they got back to him (within five days) and agreed that it was fraudulent activity and agreed to a refund.

    I have to say, in my further conversations with both Jessie and Jake, we were all agreed that, as Jake put it "there’s an insane number of PPC advertisers who don’t bother tracking. They don’t bother using unique URLs for monitoring and ROI purposes."