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Sunday, February 13, 2005

"Great, kid. Don't get cocky!"

The blogosphere got itself another trophy head this week with the resignation of Eason Jordan, head of CNN. Here's the CNN version and the Instapundit version. Now, as jubilant as I am that another liberal media guy just got wiped out, I can't help wondering to where the blogosphere's newfound confidence is leading. I have a bad feeling about some of the triumphalism in blogs (more often, blog comments) after the resignation. I don't think the blogosphere will get burned, in the sense of falling into a trap, since it is too competitive to allow untruths to grow (unlike, say, CBS). I'm worried more about the us vs. them attitude that's developing here, which may lead to hunting down scandals where there aren't any or picking on insignificant, no-name professors. Yes, there are stories of those types that are worth investigating, or even reporting, but it's a matter of focus. As any creature that reponds to pleasure-pain stimulus, the blogosphere will tend to focus on things that give it a pleasant buzz of self-validation. I just hope the blogosphere doesn't become a politics tabloid.