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Monday, April 11, 2005

Nice day

It was such a nice day today, I decided to take a random walk around the city. Saw lots of cool stuff, including a Greek parade on Halsted. According to the parade announcer, Jesse White is "a friend of the Greek people." Ok. Here are some pics.
A bandA "Pan Arabian" float (??)
Some more floats
A Cyprus float
Militants with ammo belts???

After the Greek parade, I walked mostly around the river and lakeshore.

Here is the Social Security Bat, in front of the Social Security Administration building. If you don't pay your social security taxes, Al Gore will come hit you over the head with it.

The riverbend.

The new Chicago Sun Times HQ on the riverbend.

The old Chicago Sun Times HQ site. Trump (and Bill Rancic) is building a new tower here.