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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Big government is back?

Remember those idiots claiming after 9/11 that "big government is back" - I guess because people are enamored of collosal government failure? Nobody's saying that now, post-Katrina. Why? Because, after four years, billions of dollars, and a new department of "Homeland Security," the response to what is bascially a simulated terrorist attack has been piss poor. Not because some people died, who shouldn't have. But because the government didn't even know there was a problem until late in the game.

The "leaders" were slow, indecisive, and whiny. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence about the government's reaction to a real terrorist attack. Maybe there will be some lessons learned out of this, but I doubt it will happen in government. I think it's more likely to take the form of people stocking up on guns and ammo, to protect themselves from the hooligans and barbarians that inevitable arise in a post-apocalyptic world.