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Monday, December 13, 2004

Pro-censorship activists threaten FCC with audit

Unsatisfied with increasing TV censorship from the FCC, the Parents Television Council is threatening the FCC with a Congressional audit in retaliation for a supposedly inaccurate complaint count. In case you didn't know, 99.9% of the indecency complaints to the FCC came from the PTC. The PTC points out that these complaints come from individuals via PTC, not the PTC itself. In a statement reminiscient of an election recount, the PTC says:
    “The FCC needs to count each and every complaint, regardless if the majority complaining are PTC members. ..."
Even though the PTC is technically right, so is the FCC. Go to the PTC web site and you'll see a "File an FCC Complaint" button on the right. It's an easy, no-cost channel for professional complainers. How many of these complaints are frivolous? How many are fake or duplicates (only an email address is used for authentication)? The PTC is clearly using their activist base to spam the FCC via their web site. Their complaint statistics are completely worthless.